Gus Koutoumanos

Gus was born in Midland and raised in Orillia and Huntsville before coming to Toronto in 1984. After high school, he went on to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University. He worked at TD bank until 1999 before starting his own business as a mortgage agent. With his family, he opened Shoxs Sports Saloon in 1995 in the then “dry” junction and along with the overwhelming support of our junction neighbours was successful in making the area “wet” in November 2000. Gus now wants to take his skills to City Hall and apply his experience to help residents and businesses in Ward 14 and across Toronto.

Office: 2827 Dundas St. W | Phone: 416-301-1876

Gus Koutoumanos

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For City Councillor Ward 14

Building a better neighbourhood

Love him.....Enlist him

Gus Bus

“Get on the
Safety bus”

  • Electrify the Union to Pearson Express for a safer environment

  • Slow down motorists on our side streets for a safer neighbourhood

  • Hire more police for a safer community

  • Remove the bump-outs on Roncesvalles for safer bicycle travel and restore much needed parking

  • Remove the moratorium on Queen Street and promote Parkdale to attract new investment

• Return Your Calls & Emails

• Be accessible

• Listen to your input

• Assist residents & businesses

  • Business owner in The West Toronto Junction

  • Fought to make The Junction “WET” in 1997 & 2000

  • Married with three young children

  • Owns Shoxs Sports Saloon

  • Licenced Mortgage Agent

  • Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University

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